Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation Course Overview

The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to acquire the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to develop personal proficiency in a range of sport and recreation activities, to work under supervision in a sport and recreation context and/or to progress to further education and training.

Course Content

Leaners will participate in gym practice using skills learned in the classroom. They will identify their level of fitness and improve on it. They will learn about the health related components of fitness and apply principles of good practice for a personal health related fitness programme.

The learner will research small businesses and develop a profile for they own small business, club or social enterprise. They will develop resources for their business, club or enterprise and learn about the tools to promote it. They will develop a social media presence and promotional material.

 Learners will discover the principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness and will be able to explain the different types of relationships that occur in everyday life. The learner will be able to explain the concept of personal growth to include key stages in the process. 

Learners will discover the principles of personal effectiveness and build up a range of methods to achieve personal goals. Team work is involved and the knowledge on how to build good team dynamics will be delivered. Some personal issues will be investigated and resources given on how best to approach them.

The principles of a healthy and balanced diet will be explored to include micro and macronutrient content of food. The food pyramid will be used to develop healthy menu planning and also to look at recommended daily allowance of the main components of food.

The learner will investigate the workings of the human body to include the characteristics of living things and the structure of and function of the main parts of a cell. The main bodily systems will be taught and also respiration and diagrammatic illustrations.

The learner will work in partnership with the FAI to complete the kickstart programme. Soccer coaching and soccer team management form part of this module. Coaching strategies will also be explored.

Qualification: QQI Level 4
Course Code: 4M4966
Duration: 1 Year

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